Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We're Breaking Up

I never thought we'd get here, you and me, but here we are, four years after I initially started HLYH, and I'm leaving you.

I know it's hard to comprehend, dear reader, but I've decided to venture off for greener pastures.

It's not you, reader, it's me. I know that's a cliche. And I know saying it's a cliche is a cliche but, here we are. 

However, don't despair, pumpkin, although we may no longer be together on this site, I hope you'll follow me to my shiny new site. It'll contain just as many, if not more, jackalope tales, and hunting stories and pictures as this site so in reality, nothing will really change, just that you'll have to visit instead of I mean, really, what's in a name?

Since we're parting and this may be the last thing I ever write on this beloved site that has brought me so much happiness, I'd like to thank it, as well as you, for your patronage throughout the years. It's been an interesting ride thus far transforming from the novice hunter I was into the proud, confident huntress I am today. I'm overjoyed I penned these many posts, documenting my journey, not only because it's funny to recall those times I've almost forgotten but also to see how far I've come. However, just as any hunter will tell you, this lifestyle, this passion grows and changes and we, along with it, must go long for the journey; I still have much to learn, much to hunt, and many more stories to share. 

With that, I bid you, and this site, adieu. Once again, thank you so very much for visiting this site. I do hope the next four years are just as entertaining over there as it was here.

Do note: I am not going to be deleting this site today. It has meant entirely too much to me to simply take it down in favor of a more independent, newer model. No, this will be sticking around until I've laboriously moved everything over and even then, I may never have the heart to let it go. It, like you, dearest reader, have helped pave the way for the writer who sits before you today, enjoying the North Dakota April sunshine.

Finally, once more, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Happy Hunting,
Your Writing Huntress

1 comment:

Penelope Sanchez said...

We'll be missing you. Hope you'll come back with writing blogs.

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