Goose Pit

Cast of Characters

Like any good author, I feel it necessary to fill this goose pit with the friends and family that make this blog complete.  Without my partners in crime, this blog would be filled with stories of me waiting for deer with not much to say.  


The man who makes a large majority of these stories possible.  Originally from Indiana, DU moved to North Carolina where fate stepped in and joined the two of us.  We're raising 3 beautiful puppies together in our menagerie of a home. DU knows when to let me learn things by myself and when to lend me a hand before I dissolve into a puddle of tears.  He's a great hunter, strong man and my best friend. 


E4 is a bad-ass. Plain and simple.  In fact, if you look up "bad-ass" in the dictionary, the above picture is the only definition you will find.  I'm sure you have heard of all those Chuck Norris jokes that people find so amusing.  E4 actually DID all of those things.  (He's still suing Law and Order for a trademark infringement- as he dubbed his left leg "Law" and right "Order".)  All bad-assness aside, E4 is a southern born boy who has been a great muse for my writing and an amazing friend to have by my side.  

The bestest.  We've been friends since we were 11.  It was noted in a diary kept by Heals.  After I rejected the boy she was in love with, she proudly exclaimed: "Yes! Now I can have _____ all to myself and I can keep my best friend!"  Heals is always up for my crazy shenanigans, including wearing Jason masks around UNCC campus.  She's the reason I met DU and got through high school.


Always behind the scenes, Momma is the greatest woman I know, hands down.  (You can check this one in the dictionary too under "greatest woman known to mankind".) She has supported all of my crazy, impulsive endeavors and loved me no matter what.  Momma has gone to great lengths to show me the world and for that I will be forever grateful.  If I grow up to be half the mother she is to me, then I'd consider myself truly blessed. 


No picture really needed here.  The ultimate patriarch of his clan, a man who went to night school and work during the day to support his family.  He served the cause in World War II and married my Nana right after at age 20.  His favorite activity was mowing the lawn.  A fisherman and hunter if there ever was one, Granddad somehow infused my blood with the yearning to be outside and enjoy all of what God has provided for us.

She taught me how to make the best freezer jam in the world.  She is an amazing 86 year old woman who is on e-mail, has a cell phone and plays majong like a pro.  Nana and Granddad were married for 51 years and are truly an example of how love can concur all.


My biggest hockey fan who may have only missed  4 games in my decade long career.  Most likely the reason I turned out the way I did, my dad always supported me, no matter the circumstances.  He has worked hard since my birth to ensure that no matter what I wished to do, I could do it as long as I was focused.  The original source of my sense of humor, my dad will always be present in each post, lurking behind each joke.

The Various Past Flames

Who would we be without the people who have come and gone? You'll be reading about my various past flames who had some hand in teaching me the ways of hunting and fishing.  While they are no longer in my life, here I can thank them for everything (good and bad) that allowed me to turn into the huntress I am today.