The Arsenal

What would a girl be without her hoard of guns, ammo, camo and other implements of destruction?

My Bow

  Ah the beauty of my Hoyt Vicxen compound bow.  Covered from cam to cam in AP real tree, this stunning piece of hunting art is my absolute favorite part of my arsenal.  26' draw length and is maxed out in terms of draw weight at 50 pounds. It fits me like a glove.  Even though it is a little more than half my height, the bow is easy to shoot on the stand or on ground. It has a sweet sight, nifty stabilizer and a drop-away arrow rest.  The only thing I'm not fond of is the pink strings but I'll be getting it restrung soon- color still to be determined.

  UPDATE: Those hideous pink strings are a thing of the past! After some serious fraying, the strings were pretty useless so I finally had a viable excuse, other than vanity, to get the strings re-done. I chose a muddy brown and black so now my bow looks really killer and not in a hunting barbie kind of way. 

My Artillery

Mossberg 500 youth 20 ga
Benelli vinci semi-auto 12 ga
Thompson Center Triumph .50 cal muzzleloader 
.30-30 Winchester 
.38 special Smith and Wesson Airweight revolver

My Camo

The problem here is that I wear so much camo, it is difficult to choose just one.  Basically, just think of all the camo you've ever seen, and figure that I love all of it.