Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Train for Hunting Season

HOW TO....
With The Writing Huntress

For those of you confused as to what I'm referring to above, please focus the entirety of your attention to the link within these words.  You will be directed to last week's post that will divulge all pertinent information about my new, little adventure as well as a nifty trailer that will not answer any questions whatsoever.

The audience shall wait until you come up to speed.

 You have five minutes until this message self-destructs, destroying your computer and everything within it so I suggest you move along, captain.

No, that wasn't a joke.  Do I look like I'm joking?

Good now? Get it all?  Splendid!

Now onto this week's thrilling installment of How To... With The Writing Huntress!

Just for the record, I do know the difference between the cab of a truck and the bed.  I wanted to go back and do a voice-over for this but I didn't want my videos to turn into bad kung-fu movies with voices that fail to match the lip speed of the samurai master in question.  Therefore, I am explaining it now and while you may still feel the need to point out my shortcomings (besides my height), there is NO way you can dispute that I was indeed pulling DU's Sierra Denali sans help of any kind.

Thank you all for watching!

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