Monday, June 20, 2011

HLYH Log Cabin Headquarters

   My childhood summers and winters in Fourth Lake, NY transformed my life in ways that I never thought possible. There, I found solitude in water.  Hence, whenever I am upset, confused or just need to get away, I drive to nearest body of water, preferably with a dock upon which I can sit and simmer over my problems.  The mornings I woke to a grumbling boat engine instilled in my olfactory glans a love for 2-stroke engine fumes.  The forest, with its endless trees that sheltered the area from the outside, made it so that my walk home was guided not by the aide of a flashlight, but by the celestial glow of the planetarian-esque stars.  Cruising Fourth Lake and its sibling bodies of water, I always noticed statuesque log edifices.  The logs shone like a beacon in my mind, and ever since my first sighting, I always, without fail, dreamed of living in such a structure.

   Figuring it would never happen until I reached the big time, I meandered from place to place, still wishing that I was living confined by the woods, even in my living room.  Therefore, I was the most surprised when DU said, after our strenuous house hunt had reached its zenith, that he had found it.  During a thrice-daily Craigslist perusal, DU immediately noticed the words LOG CABIN FOR RENT.  Disregarding his lunch plans, he raced to his truck and forced "Loretta" as fast her tires could carry her to the address in the listing.  Without even consulting me, he called the owner and told her that he wanted the cabin.  She, obviously surprised, inquired whether or not he wanted to see the inside first, to which, of course, he replied, no.

    I, with the same swiftness as my domestic partner, sped to the cabin and stood dumbfounded at its base, looking up at the house that only lived in my dreams.  Settled on 27.5 acres with a 5 acre pond, the 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home was constructed by our landlord, her sister, and father.  The trio had cut down the logs themselves, and erected the structure.   It is clear to see that while the cabin needed some work, it was not anything that DU and I could not handle.  Hence, we dove in.

    Our mothers being our forbearers needed to see the interior cabin so with a shaky hand, I documented our first jaunt into the cabin..

 The cabin interior as we first saw it. 

The cabin exterior, badly, badly filmed.  It is clear that I belong on the other side of the camera, playing huntress instead of camerawoman. 

   A week later found us in a whirlwind of moving.  Each day we were forced to transport our belongings from the old house to the new, we retreated from the cabin reluctantly, as it felt like we were daily tearing ourselves away from our dream home.  When we began the process of turning on the electricity, we became a little over-zealous and decided to move in before the power came on.  Two days of bumping into tables and reading by candlelight followed, causing us to feel more attached to the home than we ever thought possible.  

    The electric is on and we have been working all weekend, with DU's dynamite parents, to make the cabin perfect.  I woke this morning still stunned that this home is ours and that the Almighty deemed us worthy of calling our cabin home.  We still have a way to go but since I've had such an overwhelming outcry for images of hour new abode, I had to deliver. 

New Interior, as cleaned and quasi- decorated by Team DU and I. 


Stay tuned for additional updates, as this summer will be the summer of the log cabin!

* If anyone knows of any neat antique or log-cabin inspired stores from which we can decorate, please let me know! We can't do anything crazy in so far as having an antler chandelier or red stag mount, if we could I would in a second, but any information would help!  


Albert Quackenbush said...

That looks like a fantastic place to live. Congrats on the awesome find!

Murphyfish said...

I want one NOWWWWWW

It's Time to Live said...

Check out for some original oil paintings or if your budget does not allow, contact her for print prices.

SimplyOutdoors said...

Jealous doesn't even begin to describe the way I feel right now. So very cool!

The Writing Huntress said...

Mr. Quackenbush- Thank you! DU will win every fight for the rest of our lives because he found that place.. he doesn't know that, however. :-)

Mr. FIsh- Well, Mr. Welshman, come and visit then! We can swap houses- I'll come visit for a while and you can babysit my dogs- Thoughts?

It's Time to Live- Will check her out! Thanks for the link!

Simply- Thank you! One of our best friends is a very,very Religious person who actually admitted yesterday that he was deeply jealous and angry that we got that place before we did. Hence, he was giving us fair warning that the locks may be changed on us the next time he visits :-)