Friday, June 24, 2011

The Writing Huntress Goes Hollywood

   You heard it correctly, my outdoor brethren!  The Writing Huntress is taking off for greener pastures.  Just days ago I was contacted by a California-based production company to host an outdoor reality TV show!

    I can't really give any details away, as my extraneously long exclusivity contact stipulates, but I can tell you the basis of the show.  Essentially 13 strangers will be picked to live in a log cabin, somewhere remote, like Utah or Argentina, and made to do strange hunting-inspired activities to stay on the island, in the log cabin.  They will be forced to skin a deer using only a length of rope and a golf ball, befriend bears in their natural habitat and survive months sans cell phone reception and TV. To add another little twist, they won't be given food or water and must survive wholly on what the land provides for them. Given that half of them resemble sickly models who never eat anyway, this shouldn't be a problem nor a challenge for the I mean "contestants".  Finally, a single lumberjack amongst them must find a fiance that he will ask to marry and subsequently cheat on three months after the show airs, much to the joy of the producers.

    I, being the delightful camera presence needed on such a shoot as this, was the first (or sixty-eighth, but who's keeping track?) person they thought of! So, lucky me, I get to surround myself with vapid, reality-TV loving "outdoors" (read: models wearing flannel) folk as I stand Colby Donaldson-esque with my fists strictly adhered to my waist for eight months straight.

   Without mustering too much fake enthusiasm about another reality TV show that will surely fail just as its predecessors rightly have,  I can't stay much more about the show.  However, as I'm hanging out at the airport, waiting for my private jet to whisk me away to the land of the plastic and vain, I have a little more new (read: not fantasized or faux) news to share.

The Writing Huntress appears, for the first time, on camera, in front of loads of people! 

If anyone caught my Cooper Tire review, then you know that I had to take footage of the tires and send the film back from whence it came.  I was told that the footage would appear on their website but weeks passed with nothing.  All hope had been lost until I was told, via their Twitter account that the video would be up this week.  Low and behold, there I was! 

I am extremely shocked that they used so much of my footage, as I figured a lot of bloggers were contacted to take part in the opportunity and I would be just a small lug nut in relation to the car of a project. However, as you can see, I was wrong, which never, ever happens..

Click on the image above to access the Discoverer AT/3 site. 
Once you're in, click on the performance tab within the interior box.
A video will appear, either watch it or click out of it using the upper, right hand corner box. 
Then, search the pulsating silver buttons until you come to one that says "Everyday Drivers" when you hover over it. 
Click on the button and enjoy watching myself and a few other fellow bloggers try out the AT/3.

To add a little bit of camo icing to the redneck cake, my Jeep was also featured in the Cooper Tire AT/3 You Tube Video. 

For a small second at 0.16, you can see my glorious Jeep rising from the watery mud. 

The Writing Huntress will appear, for the second time, on camera, in front of loads of people!

As we're all well aware, social media as been my best friend in terms of hunting and my blog.  Not only have I met a lot of great people but I've also had blessing after blessing to review new products and take part in new opportunities.  This is one that I figured would never happen; being filmed while hunting. 

It's been my lofty dream I've had since I began hunting.  Just as hockey players wish to lift Lord Stanley's cup over their heads, hunters the world around wish to be filmed while hunting. Not only just to be filmed but have people see it,  take notice of their passion for the antiquated pastime. And fortunately for me, Huntography is making it happen. 

Some time ago, I was contacted by Rudy from Huntography via Twitter.  He asked if I would like to be filmed while hunting.  It is in my nature to believe that anything that sounds too good to be true is a joke  (Like when DU said he'd fly up to see me in NY a mere five days after our meeting in NC). So, I said yes and waited for the ball to drop.  Amazingly, it hasn't and today I'm proud to announce that I will be taking part in Huntography's 2011 lineup!

Along with some great other social media connected folks, I will be filmed during Rudy's trek across the mid-west through majority of the eastern seaboard.  Spanning from Colorado eastward, Rudy's month-long celebration of real hunters hunting real land in real situations will be a visual representation of the passion we all feel for the sport we love.  I will be hunting in my current home state of North Carolina, the exact location is still up for speculation, from October 30th to the 31st.  Least to say, from now until then I'll be subsisting completely on salads, water, and a ton of venison all the while working out like a mad woman so I don't resemble the marshmallow puff man on camera. 

I'll be writing about my training and of course the filming process so stay tuned!


   My plastic, thumb-sized plane is waiting so I must jet! Happy hunting and outdoor loving, all! 


Bob Mc said...

Well how about that! A celebrity among us. Congrats! Being as how I don't have TV here I'm not likely to see the show(s) unless they eventually end up on NetFlix.

The Writing Huntress said...

Bob Mc- Worry not then! The Huntography will be available on DVD and the Cooper Tire videos are online! Obviously, the faux reality TV show will never come to pass :-)


Murphyfish said...

...and I'll be able to say;- "I knew her before she became famous".....
Sounds as if your hurtling along at a hundred miles an hour me dear - enjoy the ride.

SimplyOutdoors said...

Man. We are in the presence of royalty. long before you fall off the deep end, and then magically show up a few years later on Celebrity Apprentice?

And it's pretty cool that they featured your tire vid. You're on a roll.

The Writing Huntress said...

Murphy Fish- Oh come now.. I won't be THAT big.. because I'm too shot! HA! Anyways... thanks- it's insane!

Simply- Royalty? Does that mean I get subjects and peons to do my bidding?
I'd give it at least 4 months.. once I'm done with Celebrity Apprentice, I'll be sure to take up a substance abuse addiction and be on celebrity rehab to fully complete the transformation!


NorCal Cazadora said...

Wow, can't believe I missed this post, but belatedly: Congratulations!

The Writing Huntress said...

NorCal- Thank you! I'm glad you got to read it!