Monday, March 21, 2011

Humbling Moments

   I have said it many times since I began this blogging adventure but I have to reiterate, I am blessed beyond words.  I said it (to myself, and DU; shouting through my work phone) when I gained my first follower.  Again when the first comment filtered through my browser and when my Twitter began filling with support.  I cried when I saw my blog on CNN.  Likewise, my momma has cried more than once after reading one of those memorable posts when my past lays out for all to see.  This moment that I am experiencing now has surpassed the rest but makes this event's predecessors even more prevalent in my mind.

   A few moments ago, I found that my blog is featured on Wildfowl Magazine's website for the duck I harvested months ago.

For full story and to get to this wonderful operation's website, please click on the image above. 

And if you're wondering what the full story was on this beautiful America black duck that is currently chilling in our freezer, waiting for his murderer to find a job so he can be mounted, click here

   Upon receiving the tweet that directed me to the site, I yelled, cried then called DU.  He urged me to keep the site up, lest of course our computer blows up, and congratulated me for a job well done.  He, of course being the one who introduced me to the publication, is a subscriber and has been including the read to our bathroom magazine pile monthly.  My mom is the next on the list to contact but before I begin dialing those memorized numbers, I felt it necessary to thank those who made this all possible, which of course, if you're still reading, refers to you. 

    When I began this blog, my life was beginning anew.  A new adventure in North Carolina with a new house, new dogs, new places and most of all, new challenges.  I'd love to say that it has been nothing but roses and unicorns since I moved, but I can't.  First reason, of course, being that to my knowledge, unicorns do not exist (This fact daily plagues my existence, as I'd love to ride one to work and use it to make Skittles).  Secondly, because there have been some tough times.  The job I moved here for vanished in a blink of an eye, my dogs acted like rabid hyenas on more than one occasion which resulted in my believing I'd never see them again, finding friends was terribly difficult, and I missed home.  But, through it all, I found strength in the little comments, the page views and follows I accrued.  It may sound silly but it is true, without this blog I would have never found the confidence to apply for jobs, get out of bed, or even write.

   So, I'm writing today to thank everyone for the support that you may or may not know you have bestowed upon me.  I am eternally indebted to each of you, for the comments, views, Twitter mentions, etc.  I would not be where I am without this project, the people herein, and those who have supported it.  I would love to express my gratitude by visiting each and every one of you, bring a case of beer (wine, pop, what have you) and mow your lawn. (This may sound weird but I absolutely love mowing grass. In essence, you would be doing me more of a favor than vice-versa.) Unfortunately, given that this would be almost as impossible as finding a unicorn that defecates skittles, I figure this post is enough to say thanks. 

Thank you for everything, 
   The Writing Huntress


Albert Quackenbush said...

A heartfelt congratulations from SoCal!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations there woman! That just rocks and I'm sure there are going to be many more good things just like this (and better) ahead for you because you've got the stuff it takes to do this bloggin'/outdoorsy stuff right! I think it's great so much in fact that I have to say congrats again!


A Reel Lady said...

Congrats!!! I love reading your blogs, and can see you going far! Keep up the good work!

SimplyOutdoors said...

Sweet. That is awesome. Congrats.

And you're welcome. The pleasure was all mine; you're blogs a lot of fun to read.

Trey said...

Congrats to you! As I have said many times, you are a very gifted writer and I am glad that you share your talents with all of us!

Murphyfish said...

Well done me girl, throughly deserved to, now then about that mowing me front lawn offer, how high will the grass need to be before we lose sight of your cute little head? I mean to say it's going to be a while afore you get to sunny Wales and I'm worried that it may become a jungle before you get here ;-)
Seriously, well done me dear.

Justin said...

Congratulations again!! I love reading your blog, but then again would could love reading about a little spitfire who says what she thinks and can back it up..

Honestly, this is a well-deserved honor and I see many more in your future..

Wolfy said...

I love reading anyone who writes from the heart, and you certainly do. Keep up the enthusiasm, and you'll keep pulling in more and more readers.

Isn't it funny how world of "blogging friends" can impact a person?? Pretty cool, if you ask me.


Hunt Like You're Hungry said...

Mr. Quackenbush (otherwise known as "One with great last name)- A heartfelt thank you to you too.

Mrs. Pink Camo- Again, thank ya, darlin. You know as well as I do that your blog was one that I looked to in times of trial so if I can make it to your abode, I will most definitely mow your lawn. :-)

Reel Lady- Thank you, darlin!

Simply- You have been a great support so thank you, too!

Trey- There are times when I believe that this writing thing is completely beyond me but believe me, your comments help out more than you know. Thank you.

Mr. Murphy Fish- I'd love to visit Wales.. just to see if everyone would call me "me dear" like you do! Again, like Kari, if I can make it over there before your yard turns into a jungle, I will. But come to think of it, there would not need much grass to drown me so maybe you should just handle it... I'll be over here, in America, seething with jealousy.

The Meander of the Foggy Mountain- Again, thank you, sir. You have been a great support and Twitter friend. Even though I am short. :-)

Wolfy- It is very nifty that such a networking site can bring more than just page views but a vast inter-working of a support team. Thank you for stopping by, sir!


Ian Nance said...

Congrats, congrats!!!

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

Rock on sista! You most definitely deserve to be featured. I live in the woods so we don't have much's more like cutting dirt BUT you are still welcomed to swing by! I can drum up a bottle or two of homemade wine ;)

Blessed said...

This is awesome news, good for you!

Sorry I don't comment much... but I've been reading every post since I discovered you a couple of months ago :)


Hunt Like You're Hungry said...

Ian- Thank you, sir!

LB- First of all, love your blog still. You post the things I think but don't have the guts to type. And I would simply adore some homemade wine...

Blessed- Thank you, ma'am! It truly means a lot that you have been reading my hodgepodge of posts, you're amazing!