Friday, November 19, 2010

Outdoorsmen Unite!

    DU and I habitually go to Bruggers Bagels after hunting.  The bagels are soft, DU's coffee is always hot and the place is really hunter-friendly.  There is a very nice bagel assembly professional who never misses a chance to ask if we got anything or how the hunt went.  As of late, he's been offering to force one of his co-workers to run around the parking lot as a moving target so I can at least get one kill in. Sure, we get weird looks when we come in laden with camo and our faces covered in black paint but the staff makes us feel welcome.

   In related news, I've noticed a phenomena that I was pleasantly surprised to be made aware of.  My Jeep might as well be a mobile billboard for Hoyt, Real Tree, Browning and a random Taxidermy shop in the southerntier in New York.  People from space could see that I love hunting.  Without thinking one day, I put my orange hunting hat on my dash and now people are waving at me from other cars.  I get polite nods, waves and thumbs-up from vehicles seemingly containing hunters or fisherman.  The gesture is a nice reminder of how connected this outdoor community is.  Which got me thinking.

  Earlier this week I posted random thoughts from my tree stand.  I'm starting to wonder what people are thinking when they're sitting in their tree stands. 

About the coffee they had at their favorite gas station?  
An upcoming breakfast with enough butter to fill the arteries of two hearts?
A country song that they absolutely can not get out of their mind? 
  How a trip to the local pro shop is desperately needed for more arrows? 
Is that fish at Bass Pro really that big?
(It is!! )

  These questions swirled around in my head.  And then it hit me like a perfectly sharp broadhead to a target.

  Yes, my blogging compatriots this is the precursor to the first edition of:

A Quagmire of Thoughts From a Tree Stand
A weekly installment of the views, reviews, stories, and random thoughts of those who call the outdoors home.  

My purpose with this is to share the outdoor perspective with the blogging world.  
Which means, of course, I can't do much without you!

Is there a watering hole that always seems to serve the best drinks after a great hunt?
Is there a restaurant that opens early to serve breakfast to hungry fishermen?
Do you live in a city where eateries cater to hunters with Opening Day specials?
Are you venturing to a new place and want to know the best place to stay, eat, and hunt?
Is there a cup of coffee near interstate 78 that never fails to spread warmth to every crevice of your body?
Do you have a specific archery or fly fishing store that can't be beat?
Did something make you infuriated during your last hunt and you need to vent?
Are there certain un-spoken rules in reference to hunting public lands?
Did you just waste a bunch of money on a brand of scent eliminating spray that didn't work?
Does your family re-tell the same story about the fish that was <------- this big--------> but no one's ever seen it?  

The outdoor world wants to know!

This weekly post will highlight those welcoming restaurants, awesome hunting mom & pop places, great cups of coffee and family tradition.  

I could try and do reviews of all the places that outdoorsmen frequent but unfortunately,  I work. 
Also, I could just focus on areas in and around Charlotte but 12 reviews on how great Bob Evan's biscuits are would turn my readership to a gaggle of seriously bored crickets.
I'll be putting in my two cents here and there; adding people to the "That's Not Country" playlist (Current Inductees: Taylor Swift and Rascall Flats), reviews of various places I frequent and gear I use, and of course some advice on dating a hunter/huntress.  
But, I figured ya'll would like more. 
So I figured you, dear readers, would enjoy submitting and reading one another's stories. 
Even if you don't have a blog or your story is a buddy's tall-tale, still sent it along for the blogging world to enjoy!

A Quagmire of Thoughts from A Tree Stand will be posted every Friday. 

Any submissions can be sent to:

I'll use all submissions I receive in some form or another. 
Submissions can be anonymous so if you want to be a phantom and conceal your identity, let me know! 
This forum will span the entire horizon of the outdoors, so feel free to share any and all thoughts!

Stay tuned for next week's first edition! 


Albert A Rasch said...


Clever idea. I'll have to put my Starbucks sortie down on paper (Binary Digits?) for you.

Best Regards,
Albert Rasch™
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Albert A Rasch said...


And BTW I like the new look! Much easier on the eyes!

Best Regards,
Albert A Rasch™
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