Sunday, November 7, 2010

Venison Tacos

   Another weekend has come and gone.  I have no deer to show for it. Sat all day Saturday and didn't even hear anything. Damit.

  The only true highlight of the weekend was Friday when we could finally taste the fruits of DU's labor.

  After working all day, I apparently volunteered to make dinner. I don't remember this but I've found that fighting it is futile. Of course I volunteered.  The first thing I could think of was: Tacos!

 Ah venison tacos. Some nice backstrap and tenderloin cut thin,  mixed with some taco mix, garlic and onion powder.   Add soft tortilla wraps, cheese, onion, some peppers and you are set! You'll find that you can barely contain yourself and yearn to lick the hot skillet.

   But, like I said.  Not much to report.  Sat in DU's lock-on.  Now that was an interesting experience.  Nothing says love of hunting like being mere inches from sheer death while trying to shoot.  Thank God for harnesses.


Took some neat pictures.  Saw leaves fall like snow.  Sitting now watching football on the couch with the puppies while the fireplaces rages.  Whiskey is soothing the soul as a new week looms.  All in all, can't complain. 


SimplyOutdoors said...

I know the feeling.

I sat all day Saturday too, except for an hour to eat some lunch, and have nothing to show for it.

I do still have some venison in the freezer, though. Maybe some tacos will help me feel a little better. :)

Rogue Huntress said...

Deer tacos are my FAVORITE. I had a monster buck that I thought only lived in magazines come within 30 yards Saturday and didn't bring him home. Almost wish I saw nothing too.