Friday, December 17, 2010

The Quagmire: Week Four

A Quagmire of Thoughts from a Tree Stand

Hey Blogging World!
As previously posted, I'm starting this little rant, rave, review and random weekly compilation of the outdoor world. This week has marked yet another busy week for a tired Hunt Like Your Hungry writer. DU and I haven't been out hunting this week, as holiday obligations, finals, and sleep had us tangled up.  However, Since I've heard I'm stubborn, which of course I'm not, the Quagmire must go on. Since Ben and Albert's contribution to this little project, no other submissions have found themselves to my e-mail so, dearest reader, send something in! Anything!

Feel guilty yet?


What If I look sadly at the computer and pretend to cry?


Not working? That lip quiver is gold!

I'll make you cookies!

Virtual ones shaped like dinosaurs with pink frosting!!

Hehe.  Okay.  On a serious note,share your stories, reviews, etc of the places you love to frequent in your hunting endeavors!I love reading them and so do your fellow bloggers!

It's Almost Christmas!
It is! Yay!! I can't wait for a guy in red suit to break into my house, eat my food and leave me a purple pony!! I've decided to take this week's Quagmire and turn it into a selfish list of the things I desire for the fat man to bring me. I think I'm being pretty reasonable so let's get started, shall we, my little elves?

Hunt Like You're Hungry's DEMANDS for December 25th:

Dear Santa, 
Hey! Its me, Lisa! I just wanted to write you this letter so you know exactly what I require for this Christmas.  I've been an angel a perfect, upstanding individual a good girl as good as I can be this year.  I've been an ethical hunter, a great mom to three puppies and I make DU oatmeal in the morning.  I feel that that constitutes the following gifts to make their merry little ways under my tree.  I've left you a fifth of Jack Daniel's, some venison jerkey, BBQ chips, and  a couple beers for the road.  I know cookies can get old so I figured I'd throw you some good stuff.  No, Santa this is not a bribe.  Okay, maybe it is.  But a girl can try!

1) Snow 
This is more of a rant than anything else. I love the fluffy, white stuff. It is beautiful and makes even the ugliest tree look like a work of art. Currently, my hometown in Rochester, NY has reached a state-record-breaking snowfall. 42 inches so far in December and the number is still climbing. In North Carolina, however, it  has snowed twice and left less than an inch of the white precipitation.  Granted, watching everyone rushing out to buy emergency supplies and laughing at winter driving safety tips on TV has been amusing but I miss the rolling hills and how everything looks majestic after a good, hearty snowfall. Titus especially misses it, as he loves frolicking in feet of snow. I realize this may prove difficult, as you'd have to alter the climate but since you can go to everyone's house in one night, then I'm sure you can pull this one off.

2) An Alaskan Moose Hunt

Okay so this may freak Rudolf out a little bit, but he doesn't have to see the dead moose I'll eventually harvest.  This has been a dream of mine since I started hunting and I feel that I deserve it.  You did read that I made DU oatmeal in the morning. Santa, that kitchen floor is COLD in the morning.  Hence, I deserve this moose hunt.  It doesn't even need to be really fancy either! Just a nice guide service, a warm log cabin with a gigantic fireplace as lodging and some big ol' moose just waiting to become dinner. Not too much to ask right? 

3) A Pony

What's the deal, Santa? I've been asking for a pony for YEARS and to no avail, every year I come down and guess what?? No pink pony with a shimmery mane that all my school friends would be insanely, widely jealous of.  Not cool. So anyways, I still want one. Better late that never, right? I can ride it to work and all my co-workers will be green with envy. 

4) A Fancy Writing Job at an Outdoor Magazine

I'm not entirely sure if you delve in these kinds of Christmas presents, but let me tell you, St. Nick, it would be a wise decision. First of all, I know you're been following my blog, because let's be serious, who hasn't? Also, you know I hunt.  So what other present could be better than allowing one of your biggest believers to hunt for a living and writing while doing it? In fact, you can encompass each of my other requests in this one, tiny gift. See, Santa? I'm making your job SO easy! 

Well, Santa that looks about it for me. I left some shotgun shells carrots for the reindeer.  Be sure to tell Rudolf I'll be seeing him on my wall in the future! 

Love you!!!
The Writing Huntress

Happy Holidays from Hunt Like You're Hungry

I just wanted to take a second to wish everyone a very merry and safe Christmas season. Even though this was not expressed above in my 8-year-old- brat persona, Christmas is about Family, Friends, Jesus and Love.  Hence, be sure to take a moment and say a prayer of thanks for those who surround you everyday.  I want to thank my readership for making this blog the slight success it is becoming and the Outdoor Blogging Network for all the fantastic work they do. If you're hunting in the next week or so, please be safe! Wear your orange and harvest some good wild game! 
Merry Christmas from all here at HLYH

-Lisa, DU, Avery, Titus, and of course, Oscar. 

Happy Hunting!