Friday, December 10, 2010

The Quagmire: Week Three

A Quagmire of Thoughts From a Tree Stand

Hey Blogging World!
As previously posted, I'm starting this little rant, rave, review and random weekly compilation of the outdoor world. It has been an extremely busy week here on Hunt Like You're Hungry.  With the recent scandal over my Sarah Palin post and my daily, unfruitful pre-work trips to the woods, this huntress has been insanely busy.  I have some really neat news that has shocked even me, an awesome story by one of my fantastic readers, and some more Redneck Christmas cheer. Therefore, we have a lot to cover on this week's edition of The Quagmire- so let's get to it! 

I'm on CNN? 

   I was enjoying a nice movie with one of my work friends (the one who sings all the time) and I got a text from E4.  All he said was, "I think I saw you on CNN."  This statement made me scared for a couple of seconds. First of all, what did I do to get on CNN? Is it those inebriated pictures from Oktoberfest?  Did I get arrested and don't remember it?  I shot a quick text to DU and told him to watch the channel to see what was going on.  He said he couldn't see anything so E4 must have mistaken it for something else.  We thought that until this morning when we were sent the link.  Low and behold, about 2 minutes into the Sarah Palin: Caribou Slayer segment appeared my blog.  It looked a little something like this:

If you've been following my various postings then the words above should ring eerily similar to the ones I posted on Monday (and that sliver of hair encased in a camo bandanna is quintessentially mine). I was (and still am) extremely shocked that my little blog  reached world-wide ears. I was happy with the segment in that when it came time for hunter outcry, my blog was used as an example and was not muddled with any major political agenda. When I first began this blog, I was nervous when anyone (even my mom) read it.  Thinking that millions have seen it (okay maybe not millions but the posting has had 920 page views this week alone) makes me a little sick to my stomach but it gives me motivation to keep on writing.  Thank you to all my readers, you are fantastic!

HLYH Reader's Fondest Hunting Memory:
Name: Ben G.
Blog: Ben G. Outdoors 

Here is a bit about a tradition we use to have when my brother and cousins were younger and unmarried.

First, we all used to get together and find spots for our stands (we hunt public land and change spots often). This was usually an all day event. When you are trying to find two trees per guy in a group of 5, it takes a while. Most of the time we would be sitting some- what close to each other. Lots of teasing took place but we always helped each other out to make the process much more timely.

The night before opening shotgun season, we would all go over to my uncles house for a big dinner and lots of BSing. Everyone would talk about how they would be the next one to get the big buck or how they had the best spot picked out. Then we would make fun of the guy who shot the fawn the year before. Teasing them that it still had milk in its mouth, or the neighbors dog probably weighed more then the deer did. The laughs never stopped.

We would try to go to bed early, but it never happened; one, because we were all too anxious for the next morning, and two, we just kept talking all night.  When morning would roll around my uncle would wake up before us and start making breakfast. We would always wake up to the smell of eggs and bacon and sometimes waffles would be added to the mix to make things that much better.  After breakfast we would all pile into the conversion van and head out to the woods. Those were some of the best times I've had hunting.

These days we all still hunt together, but with families and other responsibilities we don't have time to all go pick out our trees together, or it just doesn't make sense to all stay over at my uncles house any more. But the joking and teasing hasn't stopped either have all of the great times we have out in the woods.

Thank you ever so much for sharing your heart-warming look into the past, Ben.  These memories are to be cherished and it's nice to see that some things never change. 

A Blog Posting Too Funny Not To Share

I have a contingency of blogs I read with some regularity and this blog will definitely be added to that list.  Yesterday I read Ian Nance's Blog,The Wild Life. He had written a post about Turkey snatching and it was not only perfectly written but absolutely hysterical.  You see, DU has the tendency to throw elbows, knees and fists in my general direction during slumber.  I'm not all innocent as I came close to breaking his nose after two perfectly placed shots brought my fantastic and understanding counterpart to tears. My subconscious is starting to ward off his blows and I generally wake up blocking one of his shots. But this post made me think.  I never thought to ask him if he was trying to grab ducks out of the sky.    

Update: DU read this post and he wanted to make it clear to the entirely of the blogging world that he DID NOT cry.  Apparently, as per him, I'm permitted to say such things as:  " I broke his nose. He yelled. He manned up and punched me in the face.  He is a man among men and did not even blink an eye."  I hate lying on this blog, as all of that is completely untrue and out of his character, but since they're his words and not mine, I'm technically not lying.  

A Redneck Christmas (part III)

   As you all should be well aware of now, I love Bass Pro.  However, I love it even more now as Christmas looms near.  Sauntering into the store a few weeks ago, I noticed a smorgasbord of everything Christmas had tastefully attacked every surface of the hunting mecca.  The place looked like a winter wonderland and not in a gaudy, everyone-needs-to-wear-Elf-ears-because-we-want-patrons-to-spend-more-money-way. 

   A large majority of the store had been transformed into a Santa's workshop.  Free games and crafts for the little ones which of course equals free time to shop for the parents.  What really struck me however, is that the photos with Santa were free.  This may seem small but I've seen pictures with Santa cost as much as $15 bucks, which is outrageous. This Santa was GOOD too.  He was jolly and nice, not in that creepy-mall Santa kind of way. Best yet, he was flanked on each side by actual reindeer.  

    I really wanted to have a chit-chat with the red-suited man and tell him for the thousandth time that I've been a really good girl and where in God's name is my Pony, but DU had already retreated to the recesses of the waterfowl section to make a wish-list.  Hence, my cameraman was gone. I must have caught the jolly man's eye, however, because as I walked away I could have sworn the old man winked.  Maybe I will finally get that pony after all!
    All in all, if there is a Bass Pro Fishing shop around, near, 50 miles away from your current residence and you have or enjoy acting like a child, then I strongly suggest you stop by sometime before Christmas! The sales will save some of your hard-earned money and the holiday hospitality can not be beat!

There it is, folks!  
There's only a few weeks till Christmas so be sure to buy your loved ones lots of camo, ammunition, jackalope mounts, and guns!

Like what you see? Have a review on a great place to eat after hunting or a place you just love to go to obtain necessary outdoor implements? Share it and you'll be featured on future Quagmire editions! 
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Have a great week, y'all! 

Happy hunting!


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