Friday, December 3, 2010

The Quagmire: Week Two

A Quagmire of Thoughts From a Tree Stand

Hey Blogging World!
As previously posted, I'm starting this little rant, rave, review and random weekly compilation of the outdoor world. Another week has come and gone but no reviews from my fellow bloggers. While this deeply pains me and has broken my world into pieces, I must venture forth with some help from my friends and my own pristinely-tuned brain. 

And Now for Something Completely Ridiculous

I work with some interesting people. There's one girl who sings all the time and another who thinks she's a pirate, but unfortunately I can't complain for I added another level of weirdness as the writing huntress.  Many of you may or may not have read my posting on December 1st. For those of you who haven't please pause your current reading and click here
There! Now everyone has read it and we're all on the same page. 
Pirate girl deemed my little posting worthy of her creative time. By clicking on the following image you will be directed to the awkward love child of our two respective imaginative talents.  

Side Note: My personal favorite part of this strange video is my "Gina's" celebratory cheer after she tells the customer she will do nothing to ensure the books will ship on time. It is slightly disturbing how closely art imitates reality but  who can contend with superb script writing and glorious graphic design?

Quote of the Week:
" I was walking by my kid's room and heard 
'Jane is looking for dick'
it was only then that I realized she was reading from her kid's books" 
    -my boss

The Greatest Hunting Album of All Time

As we've previously discussed, I love me some good ol' country music.  However, there is a LOT of bad country out there that makes it nearly impossible to listen to any sort of popular country station these days without feeling an overwhelming urge to bash one's head through a windshield while it's hailing. But there is hope, friends.  I found this source of musical hope one day when the mailman brought a  package to our house.  DU opened the package, placed the CD in the player and it was like angels descended from their thrones and began serenading us about the joys of hunting. Rhett Akins is just that angel. 
The Brotherhood Album contains songs like "My Baby Looks Good In Camouflage",  "Weapons of Bass Destruction", "Yella Acorns", and my personal favorite, "Duck Blind". Any songs that contain duck calls, sing about the value of friendship and how it feels when a turkey isn't on the right side of a barbed wire fence is the kind of music that I love to sing at the top of my off-tuned lungs to on the way to work. "Granddaddy's Gun" may make you shed a tear or two, and "Openin' Day" will conjure memories while assisting in the long wait until that beautiful morning comes around once again. All in all, a fantastic album that DU thinks he lost that never leaves my Jeep.

Redneck Christmas (part II)

Nothing says Christmas like Nascar and millions of twinkling lights.  Hence, the folks at Charlotte Motor Speedway are geniuses for combining the two. I've seen long lines traverse the street in front of the speedway recently and figured that visiting the holiday attraction would be something we would have to set some serious time aside for.  However, last night after a scrumptious dinner, we picked up the dogs and tried our luck.  The line was very shot and we got right in.  After paying $20 at the door, (Online tickets were 27.50 and you'd have to wait to receive them, unless you're going more around Christmas, I'd just forgo the internet route.) we switched our radios to the appropriate station and drove. The entrance is through the in-field tunnel and the entire surface from base to zenith is covered with lights which pulsate to the rhythm of the music emitted from the car speakers. The light displays are fun and would fill even the coldest of grinch hearts with holiday cheer.  The neatest part of the entire spectacle is seated in the bleachers.  Rounding the first turn, my eyes were barraged with the sight of disappearing trees, reappearing snowflakes, bouncing invisible balls and lights that waved in and out in every direction with the beat of the music.  Cars pulled over to fully enjoy the show.  One could easily feel the Christmas buzz as children pointed and adults laughed.  Towards the end as we escaped the magical land, we drove on the actual track which made me feel, even for the slightest second, how Richard Petty feels.  The dogs seemed confused by the lights and Avery was even more perplexed by the horse-drawn carriages that carried patrons through the show. (She spent the majority of the ride growling at the equine mammal.) Overall, the experience was really neat and shouldn't be missed by those country folk in and around the Charlotte area.  

Shameless Plug for an Awesome Contest
I was contacted a few days ago from Versus network and was asked to include their holiday giveaway somewhere in my blog.  So, in addition to plastering the things on the sidebar and below each post, I figured I'd give it a little space here on The Quagmire.  Its a nifty contest that is easy to enter which awards the winner over $500 bucks in free hunting stuff, so go join! The contest ends on December 17th, so do yourself a favor and click on one of the many links I've provided (that all go to the same site) and win early Christmas presents!

There it is, folks!  
Be sure to hunt hard this weekend... with the cold weather comin' in, the deer will be out!
Like what you see? Have a review on a great place to eat after hunting or a place you just love to go to obtain necessary outdoor implements? Share it and you'll be featured on future Quagmire editions! 
Check Out The Quagmire page for rules, ideas and where to send your submission! 

Have a great week, y'all! 

Happy hunting!


SimplyOutdoors said...

I"m going to have to check out the Rhett Akins album.

I despise the country music played on radio stations these days, and this sounds like just the ticket - well, this album and anything made by Jamey Johnson.

And if you don't know Rhett's song "If Heaven wasn't so far away" that one is a good one too.

Ian Nance said...

I'm trying to figure out why, in order to be a successful country act these days, you must have a female lead singer and two useless guys in the background....Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry, Sugarland...just the ones I can think of.

Hunt Like You're Hungry said...


Ian- I agree. Many of the bands you mentioned (ie: 2) have songs will be in future editions of the Quagmire.