Saturday, January 8, 2011

Adventures in Manlandia

    It's been a long day.  DU and I went hunting pretty much all day.  I'd love to really go into detail about how insane everything was and tell amazing stories of the fantastic conversations but I figure that pictures, especially moving ones, speak louder than words.  

    Early in the morning, I finally got the chance to try out the gloves I won from the Outdoor Blogger Network.  The review is coming but I was really jazzed about trying them out- so excited, in fact, that for this photo op, I'm putting my left glove on the wrong hand.  On a related note, I'm aware that my hat is awesome and that I slightly resemble the marshmallow puff woman. 

  Everything was frozen in a beautiful way.

  After we took a break for lunch, we took the boat out on this majestic 32 degree day with E4.

 He was excited to look at the sky.

 DU spent the majority of the time calling for ducks that never came.

  And I... well..

   It only took a few hours to realize that the ducks just weren't going to fly.  It was then that I was introduced to "Manlandia".   Manlandia is the territory of our john boat, ruled by King DU.  In Manlandia, men rule and women make pies. While DU is king, E4 is his right-hand man and assists him in all imperative decisions concerning the powerful nation, ie- beer to drink, where to hunt, tune of the Manlandia anthem.  I was completely unaware of the presence of such a place but, dear reader, it exists. 

  Manlandia's national anthem is a rap of sorts.  Emitted entirely from duck calls. It goes something like this...

  Or like this..

    But what would Manlandia be without some ingenious ideas like harpooning ducks, lassoing deer and deep discussions concerning the relative size differences between men and women's brains?  This compelling video documents the caliber of ideas that are borne in the blind and some fantastic visuals of my boots.

NOTE: As an English major, I do understand that my use of "predictable" in this conversation makes no sense.  Please understand that I was attempting to grasp at some understanding of these ridiculous ideas and couldn't process them effectively while talking at the same time.

   Yes, friends, it was a full day of interesting conversations and new revelations. It's pretty shocking that we didn't get anything, as our calls sounded like a waterfowl rave that could be heard for miles. However,  I look forward to my next sojourn into Manlandia, if, of course, my visa is still accepted.

NOTE:  Things said in Manlandia stay in Manlandia.  This is because that when men are in Manlandia, they resort back to their cavemen counterparts and say things that generally would not be said nor even thought of in mainstream society.  In retrospect, DU claims that he does not think that women have small brains.  But he does really want to attempt to institute "lasso season" for deer.


Gorges Smythe said...

Hmmm...I didn't see any pies!

Ian Nance said...

I would support a lasso season.

Trey said...

Those guys may be able to cut a record deal with that rap style!!

Hunt Like You're Hungry said...

Gorges- Of course there were no pies yet... the grill was heating up as the national anthem was being played.

Ian- I'll tell DU, he'll be tickled pink that he has supporters.

Trey- I'd inform them of that but their egos would get bigger. Nothing I want to deal with. :-)

SimplyOutdoors said...

Oh man. These videos so remind me many a time spent in the woods, in the stream, in an ice shanty, etc. with my brother, cousin, and, of course, my wife.

It's way too much fun, and it defnitely provides some moments of "deep thought". Such as harpooning ducks out of the sky :)

Great stuff.