Friday, October 8, 2010

Bow hunting... How I love Thee... let me count the ways....

    I never thought that I would love bow hunting as much as I do.  For those of you who aren't really sure what bow hunting is then let me explain.  Bow hunting has come far since Robin Hood threw on his first pair of tights.  While many people still shoot long bow (I've never tried but I think it would be interesting), compound bows have introduced technology to an ancient art.  Limbs, cams, and strings all combine to increase speed and hit harder.  I'm a personal fan of Hoyt bows as I just purchased a new Vicxen and absolutely love it. (Except for the fact that it has pink strings... I'm getting it re-strung after season)  I shoot about fifty times a day, if my arms will allow, and with the Vicxen, shooting is accurate and smooth.  I'm not getting paid for this (even though I wish I was) so you, dear reader, can take my testimony as fact.

   I started shooting bow a handful of months ago. Funnily enough, when I started shooting bow, my life was rapidly changing.  My ex-beau had reappeared after months of silence and trying hard as ever to get me back.  He told me, again, that he loved me.  He said that he wasn't able to listen to country music because every song he heard made him think of me.  Of course, like any dumb girl who lives in the past, I melted like ice cream on a sidewalk in August.  We started talking again and I rested in the reassurance that since he was back, then life would go back on track. 

   He called me one night and told me that I should come to Johnson's, a country store that supplies all hunting needs.  I had been going there since I moved to the small town where it is situated.  I knew everyone at Johnson's and everyone definitely knew me. Being the token hunting girl, I was on the receiving end of a lot of good natured jokes but the guys always took great care of me.  I excitedly went to Johnson where I was faced with my ex and a bow.  He had a trade in the works and the result was a bow.

   I took it home and started shooting it.  It was a Bear youth bow that drew back 35 pounds.  It was good for a starter bow and I started shooting everyday.  As days progressed, I started getting stronger- not only in my draw but in my convictions.

   My ex started coming over more frequently.  One afternoon, I was shooting in the yard and he drove up.  He was talking and going on about something.  I wasn't really interested as all I could think about was the pain this person put me through.  It was this moment that things changed between us.  He didn't realize it but I did.  I felt pain, anger and disgust surge through my body by just looking at him.  By just looking at him. I'd never felt that before. The flame my heart had been harboring for him flickered and went out.

   Weeks passed and my bow was getting lighter.  By the time that I had increased the weight to 40, more changes were being set into motion.  I visited my best friend in North Carolina for spring break and was unknowingly walking into a new, exciting adventure.

    Being a great friend, my bestest threw a party in my honor during my trip. I was hanging out in her kitchen minding my own business when suddenly she appeared and dragged me outside to the porch.  There was a guy reclining on the porch ledge, nursing a beer and wearing a Ducks Unlimited shirt.  He was told that I was a girl who hunted and fished.

   He was interested. 

      We talked. I told him about my guns, the deer I killed, and showed him pictures of my new bow.

   He was really interested.

       I got cold so I threw my cowboy boots on and went into my Jeep.  My jeep has deer decals on the back and random hunting company stickers. I went back to the house wearing my camo jacket.

    His jaw dropped and he was smitten.

   I now shoot a fully adult bow at 46 pounds, which will ultimately get up to 50 in the distant to near future.  My arrows go through targets and I'm more accurate than I have ever been.  The guy in the Ducks Unlimited shirt showed me that love is stronger than distance and time.  That the heart has reasons that reason knows not of.  He made an effort and turned my life into an unpredictable adventure.  Even though he forgets cooking implements and almost sets duck blinds on fire, I adore him for the person he is.

   And it's funny to look back on all of it now- that it all started with a girl shooting a bow.

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