Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall is in the air... and If you Hunt... you know what that means...

    Ah yes, friends, Fall.  The time of year that makes people want to drink apple cider and go to Vermont to watch leaves change color.  For the hunter in your life, you may have noticed that he or she is not around as much anymore.  And whenever he or she is around,  the person in question is falling asleep from getting up at 4am that morning or is telling you every detail of the newly harvested animal in the back of his pickup truck.  I've been used to this, as it is I who loves hunting.  However, there is a new facet of my love for hunting that I did not come to expect.  

   The Ducks Unlimited man who forgets cooking utensils hunts.  He loves hunting, watches hunting, gets very excited when new magazines are shipped to the house and even just purchased a camo purse for one of my Christmas presents.  (Shhhhhh..... I don't know about it). However, it is in his hunting that we find our problem.  He's a student who works when he needs to and makes a good living as such.  I work from 9-6, Monday through Friday.  These days, the sun decides not to rise until 7:30, making it so that if I chose to hunt in the morning, I'd get an hour of mediocre sitting in before having to venture back to work.  By the time I get out of work, there is less than an hour of sunlight left.  In a few weeks, I'm assuming that just like back home, I'll go to work as it starts getting light and leave when it's already dark.  Are you starting to see a problem?
   DU can go hunting when he doesn't have class or when he's not at the shop.  He can hunt in the mornings and sit till a decent hour.  Hell, he can even do homework in the stand.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't answer phones nor e-mails while waiting for a big buck to arrive. Weekends pose another problem.  Given that I get up early every weekday, I love sleeping in on weekends.  However, I've been missing more and more morning hunts because I fail to get up when the alarm screams. The animals pose another hurdle.  DU spends a lot of time at home so he can bear being away from them.  When I get home from work, a welcoming committee greets me as if I'd never come home before.  Hence, on weekends, I love to just hang with them.  But.  I love to hunt.

    I'm assuming DU is in the stand right now, enjoying the last fleeting moments of this beautiful Friday.  I'm at work, silently begging my Boss to let us leave at 5 and wishing I was in the woods.  It sounds so bad to say but I get jealous of DU because he gets to go hunting whenever he pleases.  This is a new problem that I'm not too sure how to solve.  I could always hunt last season.. whenever I wanted to.  But now with a more-full-time-job, three "babies" at home and a strong desire to sleep, hunting is starting to take a backseat.  I wish I could be that care-free person who gets to hunt when the mood strikes.  I guess its all about learning how to balance.  I don't like being an Adult.  I want to do what I want when I want, with no concern for how anyone will react.  Unfortunately, I'm in the corporate Adult world.
   I guess the best I can do is to just be happy that DU gets to enjoy himself and hope that he brings home a big deer.  My time will come.  Until then, I'll just sit here and silently send subliminal messages to my Boss, send us home at 5....send us home at 5..... send us home at 5.....


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