Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Puppy Trifecta

  Waterfowl hunters know that a good duck dog is essential for a good hunt.  And since we're still in that second date awkward getting-to-know-you phase, I feel that you, dear reader, need to meet my babies.

   When DU and I got together, we both brought a puppy into the newly forming family. Titus Andronicus, my fantastic pit bull/boxer mix, abused stray who stole my heart in the SPCA, is my baby.  He's been by my side no matter what.  Everyday when I get home it's like I've been gone for seven years. DU lovingly calls him our "little creeper" because anywhere we are, Titus is. If you call another dog, Titus will come running, just in case you need him too.  Titus' favorite activity is to stare at me.  You may think I'm joking but I'm not. Whenever I'm home, no matter what I'm doing, even if I'm in the bathroom or outside mowing the lawn, I get this:

   Oscar is another story.  DU's albino pit bull who is eccentric at best.  His wiggling twinkie-esque body exudes happiness. His smiles, grunts, sneezes and growls are the first things that people are greeted with upon entry into our home.  He's been with DU since puppy hood and has had his fair share of trials.  During a break-in while the pair were still in Indiana, Oscar was brutally attacked by the robber.  The man was eventually tried and convicted partially through dental records of Oscar's teeth marks on his leg. This big pit bull was present in the court room, muzzle and all, happy as could be.  He's an ornery old man whose favorite activities include sleeping, sitting on Titus and eating cheese. 

   Last but certainly not least, especially for the purpose of this blog, is Avery.  This beautiful pup was abandoned with the rest of her litter in a cardboard box by the side of the road.  DU and I went to help our friend, E4, to pick out a dog at the local humane society.  Avery was visiting with her foster family getting over parvo (a terrible puppy intestinal disease) when she fell into our laps.  At first, she wanted nothing to do with us.  However, after I held her, DU and I knew she had to come home. The day after we welcomed the warm ball of black fur into the inner sanctum of our family, DU had to do some work on a family friend's boat.  We figured Avery might enjoy coming.  Not really expecting much at 14 weeks, I threw a small toy duck into the lake. Avery trotted right in and picked it up.  She brought the offering back then proceeded to sit next to me as if saying, "Mom... can I go again?". Of course, I obliged. As of yesterday, we found out that our little girl is not only not gun shy in the least but can now retrieve dead trainers. You'll be hearing about her more, as she is already becoming a great duck dog but also a fantastic companion.

   There you have it! Our babies- Oscar the Old Man, Titus the Creeper and Avery, Duck Retrieval Extraordinaire. 

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