Monday, October 11, 2010

The Perils of Sleeping In...

    MmmmmmMMMmMmmmm Bed is so comfortable..... wait.. What time is it!!?!?!??!?

  We've all been there.  Whether it be late for work, overslept for school or missed an entire day by giving into the luxurious temptations of a ultra-plush bed- sleep can seriously screw things up.  You can get fired for it, demoted, reprimanded and the like.  However, sometimes oversleeping is exactly what you need.

   When I get sick, I sleep.  When I'm upset, I sleep. I sleep when I'm cranky or when nothing seems to go right. On a rainy day, it takes ten tons of dynamite to get me out of the warm confines of bed.  I guess it runs in my blood, as my mom is a narcoleptic.  She slept through a lot of my childhood.  She wasn't the kind who would fall asleep at the drop of a hat into a pile of spaghetti but the kind who slept hard- for days.  Weekends would be spent going to bed at 8, getting up at 4, making dinner, and going back to sleep.  It must have been hard to live like that- never feeling fully rested and always tired.

   My Indiana man had planned to return home this weekend, leaving me the task of taking care of the 3 babies and house.  However, he put off the trip till Saturday afternoon to enjoy the last day of early duck season.  Friday night was date night.  We went to a movie and Bass Pro Fishing to pick up some last minute things.  That and Bass Pro just reeks of a perfect location for a romantic date night.(You may think I'm using sarcasm to draw you to a conclusion that I was unhappy about being there- I'm really not.  I love that store and wish to figure out some way to live there.)  Retreating back to our abode, we set our alarms and drifted to sleep, thinking that they would rouse us from slumber at 1am.

  Fast forward to 4:30 when we woke with a start, fascinated by the time on the clock. Thinking the clock was lying and playing a joke on us, I closed my eyes tightly then opened them.  4:31. Shit.

  I was a little irritated.  I had really wanted to go hunting.  But since it would take an hour to get to the launch, another forty-five minutes to get in place and put the blind up- time was of the essence and we did not have that luxury.  By the time we would have been in place, the ducks would have already been settled to wait out the mid-90 degree day.

   I settled back in the comforter and felt Indiana man's signature arm-under-my-pillow move closely followed by the I'm-going-to-break-your-ribs-bear hug with the other arm.  Tucked deeply away from the hustle and bustle of the world, I told myself that life can't be all that bad and there was definitely a reason we over-slept that morning.

  I gave into sleep a little while later only to be woken up again to the sound of loudly thumping tails. I knew the culprits were the two big puppies, as the little one is crate trained across the house. I unconsciously felt the presence of two wet noses mere inches from my face and the sound of smashing tails metronome-esque against the wood bed.  Not-so-silently pleading with me to get up and let them outside, both went nuts when I sat up.  Obviously the universal sign for "Mom's up and the only thing she'd love to do right now is to stand outside in the freezing cold and watch us pee"- I could only laugh as I watched the abundantly overjoyed display; Two dogs, two insane tails and wiggling bodies- both jockeying for the first position out the door.

  The rest of the mid-morning was spent hanging out in bed, getting breakfast and preparing for Indiana man's departure.

  I was happy then that the wail of our alarm clocks failed to push us into the hunting world.  The morning was how I wish all my mornings could be.  Funny, warm, filled with love.  Oh and of course, full of puppy kisses and wet noses.


Rogue Huntress said...

Hi, I just came across your blog today, looks good! I love sleeping in too and it's great because I work evenings. I do force myself up on weekends though, it can really be worth it :)

Hunt Like You're Hungry said...

Oh thank God I'm not the only one! I hate looking at that dumb alarm clock when it changes itself so I'm late for hunting. Stupid technology. :-) Thanks for following!